Basic Package:

Welcome to our Stripe Account Seller service! We understand the importance of having a reliable and efficient payment solution for your business. While the Basic package of Stripe account may not be suitable for processing payments directly, it serves as an excellent choice for developers and API testing purposes.

With our affordable pricing, we provide you with a low-cost option that enables you to explore the functionalities of the Stripe platform. Please note that due to the cost-saving measures involved, the Basic package utilizes a lower score of information to create these accounts.

If you’re a developer looking to test the integration of Stripe into your applications or simply want to familiarize yourself with its capabilities, our Basic package is the ideal choice. It allows you to gain hands-on experience and optimize your development process without incurring high costs.

At Stripe Account Seller, we strive to offer tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. Contact us today and let our team assist you in finding the right package that aligns with your payment requirements.

Please note that the Basic package of our Stripe Account Seller service does not include bank access, selfie verification, or any form of guarantee. As a low-cost option primarily designed for developer API testing purposes, this package focuses on providing you with a basic Stripe account setup without the additional features and security measures.

While the Basic package allows you to explore the functionalities of Stripe, it does not include the full range of services and verification processes typically associated with higher-tier packages. It is important to consider your specific requirements and ensure that the Basic package meets your needs before making a purchase.

Our team is here to assist you in finding the right package that aligns with your payment goals and security preferences. Feel free to reach out to us for further information or to discuss customized options that may better suit your specific business requirements.


Pro Package:

Introducing our Pro Package for Stripe Accounts! This premium offering is tailored for businesses seeking a comprehensive and secure payment solution. With the Pro Package, you’ll gain access to a fully verified Stripe account, complete with selfie verification and all necessary verifications to ensure a smooth and reliable payment experience.

Our Pro Package includes a range of benefits designed to give you peace of mind. Firstly, the selfie verification process adds an extra layer of security, confirming the identity of the account holder and safeguarding against fraudulent activities. This feature ensures a higher level of trust and credibility for your business transactions.

Additionally, our Pro Package provides you with complete access to all the features and functionalities offered by Stripe. You’ll have the ability to process payments, manage subscriptions, set up recurring billing, and much more. This comprehensive access empowers you to fully leverage Stripe’s capabilities and optimize your payment package come with personal usa bank account access.

To further enhance your confidence in our Pro Package, we offer a 30-day guarantee for any kind of issues that may arise. Our dedicated support team is available to assist you promptly and effectively, ensuring a seamless experience throughout your subscription.

The Pro Package is well-suited for small businesses, as it provides flexibility in transaction values. You can set minimum and maximum limits per day, week, or month, allowing you to accommodate your business’s specific needs. Additionally, after a warm-up period, you can expect the Pro Package to handle transactions efficiently and reliably.

Get started with our Pro Package today and experience the benefits of a verified and secure Stripe account, coupled with our dedicated support and 30-day guarantee. Contact our team now to discuss your requirements and take your business’s payment processing to the next level.

Premium Package:

Introducing our enhanced Premium Package for Stripe Accounts, designed to provide an unparalleled payment processing experience for middle-sized businesses. This package now comes with even more benefits, including the ability to customize your account name and register it under your desired business name. We also offer exclusive perks for customers in the UK, such as a physical UK address to receive mail and packages, which can then be forwarded to your home country. Additionally, you’ll have access to a business bank physical card and many other exciting features.

With our Premium Package, you have the freedom to choose a custom account name that aligns with your business branding. This personalization adds a professional touch to your payment transactions and enhances your brand recognition among customers.

For customers based in the UK, we go a step further by providing you with a physical UK address. This allows you to receive mail and packages in the UK, which can then be conveniently forwarded to your location, no matter where your home country may be. This feature enables you to establish a local presence in the UK and expand your business operations globally.

As part of our commitment to providing a comprehensive solution, the Premium Package now includes a business bank physical card. This card facilitates easy access to funds, allowing you to make purchases and manage your business finances conveniently.

These additional benefits, combined with the existing features of the Premium Package, make it an exceptional choice for middle-sized businesses. You’ll have access to advanced payment flows, tailored reporting and analytics, multi-currency support, scalability, stability, and dedicated support from our team of experts.

Upgrade to our enhanced Premium Package today and unlock the full potential of your payment processing capabilities. Contact our team now to discuss your business requirements and take advantage of these exciting new features and benefits.

Gold Package:

Introducing our exclusive Gold Package for Stripe Accounts, specifically designed for our esteemed gold customers who are big companies engaged in significant transactions. This premium offering provides a seamless and streamlined payment processing experience, catering to the unique needs of your distinguished business.

The Gold Package offers a host of benefits that set it apart from other packages. One of the key advantages is that it includes aged accounts with a well-established transaction history and payout history. This feature allows you to hit the ground running without any need for a warm-up process or additional setup steps. You can start collecting payments immediately, even for substantial amounts.

By leveraging an aged account with an established transaction history, you can instill trust and confidence in your customers. This, in turn, helps to facilitate smoother transactions and fosters a strong reputation in the market. With the Gold Package, you can seamlessly handle big transaction volumes without any limitations.

As a gold customer, you will receive priority access to our dedicated support team. Our experts are readily available to address any questions, concerns, or technical issues you may encounter, ensuring that your payment processing experience remains uninterrupted and highly efficient.

We understand the unique requirements of big companies, and our Gold Package is tailored to meet those needs. Whether you need to process large payments, manage complex subscription models, or facilitate international transactions, the Gold Package provides you with advanced features and capabilities to support your business growth and expansion.

To gain access to the Gold Package, you must qualify as a gold customer. Please contact our sales team to discuss eligibility and the specific benefits available to you. We are committed to providing you with a VIP-level experience and ensuring that your payment processing needs are met with the utmost professionalism and efficiency.

Upgrade to our Gold Package today and experience a new level of convenience, reliability, and performance for your big company’s payment processing requirements. Contact us now to get started and unlock the full potential of the Gold Package.

Recommended Warm-Up Amount For-

USA Pro & Premium Package:

DayDays CountPro PackagePremium PackagePayout Status
11st round$2.00$5.007 Days
82nd round$2.20$5.505 Days
133rd round$2.42$6.054 Days
174$2.66$6.653 Days
205$2.93$7.322 Days
226$3.22$8.0524-48 Hours
247$3.54$8.8624-48 Hours
258$3.90$9.7524-48 Hours
269$4.29$10.7324-48 Hours
2710$4.29$10.7324-48 Hours
2811$4.29$10.7324-48 Hours
2912$4.29$10.7324-48 Hours
3013$4.29$10.7324-48 Hours
3114$20$9924-48 Hours
3215$35$25024-48 Hours
3316$50$29024-48 Hours
3417$20$9924-48 Hours
3518$75$29024-48 Hours
3619$150$45024-48 Hours
3720$190$49024-48 Hours
3821$220$58024-48 Hours
3922$250$65024-48 Hours
4023$290$78024-48 Hours
4124$350$85024-48 Hours
4225$450$125024-48 Hours
4326$470$150024-48 Hours
4427$550$198024-48 Hours
4528$590$249924-48 Hours
4629$650$299024-48 Hours
4730$750$349024-48 Hours
4831$850$459024-48 Hours
4932$950$650024-48 Hours
5033$990$750024-48 Hours
5134$1090$840024-48 Hours
5235$1250$990024-48 Hours
5336$1350$999024-48 Hours
5437$1500$1250024-48 Hours
5538$1750$1990024-48 Hours
5639$1850$2590024-48 Hours
5740$1950$3500024-48 Hours
5841$2010$3950024-48 Hours
5942$2250$4590024-48 Hours
6043$2500+15%/D$48500+No Limit24-48 Hours


Note: $2500+15%/D this means> You can do daily $2500 Transaction and every day can increase this amount 15% , This means day number 60, Transaction $2500 , then Day 61 can do $2500+15%= $2875 , Can increase 15% every day.

$48500+No Limit: 

This No Limit means – day number 60 you can do transaction $48500 from Day Number 61 you can do transaction as much as you need there has no any limit restriction.

Recommended Warm-Up Amount For-

UK Pro & Premium Package:

DayDays CountPro PackagePremium PackagePayout Status
11st round$50$1007 Days
82nd round$55$1505 Days
133rd round$65$2904 Days
174$85$3503 Days
205$90$4502 Days
226$120$65024-48 Hours
247$250$89024-48 Hours
258$550$150024-48 Hours
269$750$350024-48 Hours
2710$950$450024-48 Hours
2811$1500$650024-48 Hours
2912$1900$850024-48 Hours
3013$3000+ 25% D$10500 + No Limit24-48 Hours


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